Konstniekka specializes in customer acquisition in Finland. We help international companies get into the Finnish market.

We can help, if:

  • you are launching a product or service in Finland
  • consider establishing sales organization in Finland
  • want to speed up new customer search in Finland


We explore which products have the most potential in the selected target audience.

You will get in-depth knowledge on which companies are buying, what they are buying and when.

Our research is sales oriented and this is what separates us from the competition.


We deliver meaningful customer experiences. Our service generates data, leads and online meetings. Or if you wish, for example meetings in Slush!


Only the best practices in Finnish markets – we found the way.

We will help you develop the most effective sales model for Finnish markets.

Our references: Websense Ltd, Netcorp Software services and Fujitsu Finland.

Interested in hearing more? Chat with us in a web meeting! olli.ikonen@konstniekka.fi

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